Words from Heart

When I heard that you're coming, I felt very excited for our chance of encounter.
I was too impatient to wait for your arrival, I wanted to hug you in arms, hide you in my heart, and melt you in my mouth.

At last, you arrived UTAR. The first time I saw you, i was so nervous and I could hear my own heartbeat.
As you know, I'm a bashful boy, I don't know how to react in front of you, so I was just sitting there quietly and looking at you.

As time goes on, we were getting familiar to each other. Meanwhile, I tried my very best to understand you and hoped that we can be together blissfully.

But, soon I realized that everything is my misconception. You and me will not have any happy ending, you're not my cup of tea and I'm not your plaything.
There should not be any relationship between us, we should not began, should not knew each other, we were from different world, your existence has made my life miserable.

The moment that's with you is unbearable for me anymore, indeed you looked annoying in my eyes.
You have brought nightmares to me, caused my insomnia and decolorized my life unmercifully.

That's enough for me, i could not stand with you anymore, i want to escape from your talon.
I want you to get lost from my life by all means, and I hope that was our last meet, I do not want to see you again next semester!



A Thoughtful Talk

I attended a talk at today's afternoon by Professor Ryoichi Komiya.
He shared his experiences from his career of R&D for 42 years.

I was inspired by him, start to think about getting myself a PhD which I thought that i will never look at.
However, it is just a maybe.

When he was talking about his thesis writing for his PhD, he told us that he had 4 papers writing to be published and he was working at the same time.
He was working from 8.30am to 11.00pm.
The time for him to write his papers was 4am to 7am everyday.

I was amazed, and he said:

" It is crazy, but i have to do it."

I like this simple yet powerful sentence deadly.
This sentence maybe can be interpreted as he had no choice.
But I knew, that's his choice.

~I have no choice?~
~Wrong! That's my CHOICE!!!~


Hey guys, finally I can have the free time to update my blog.

But i have no idea what to write~~


Well, some of you may or may not knew that I'm going to Alor Star tomorrow.

The purpose of going so far away is because of the Taekwon-Do tournament organized by Rakan Muda.

I applied my leave last friday but I still can't get the status until today,
so i have no choice, have to skip tomorrow's class.

This is a common mistake of my name.

I received my master's message during last semester's examination week.
By that time i had stopped training for quite long, but i still have about one and half month to train,
and I still have some wish to be accomplished in Taekwon-Do.
So i decided to take part, that's passion of life!!!

Many friends said that I am getting thinner after i trained back.
In fact, it's because of what you see above, my weight is still the same, 67kg.

As a Selangor representative, i should fight with my best,
show Selangor's team power to other states.

And of course, KMAA's power as well.
Although i'm the only 1 from KMAA, but i won't feel lonely.
I believe that one day we all can reunion and form the best team!!!

I have to consume many hours to pack my luggage,
that's why i can't attend kai hong's birthday celebration, so sorry about it

Lastly, hope that Selangor team can break the previous record,
and, hope that i can come back in 1 piece.



Just came back from 1 Utama, this is my 1st time to drive there, not because of shopping or movie, but because of Bowling competition.

This is an annual sport competition between UTAR and PJEFC, which consists of Bowling, Badminton, Basketball, Volleyball and Table Tennis.

The funny part is UTAR can easily pick the representatives for all sports based on some inter-faculty competition but not bowling, because we never had bowling competition.

The mission to find bowlers from FES is dropped on Sport Club's Bowling Manager, Shi Wei who is my classmate. So, we became UTAR's representative as easy as ABC.

There 2 more teams from PJ and Sg Long campus respectively, each team consists of 3 boys and 1 girl. Some of them are state players, they are playing really nice and skillful.

This competition is 3 teams from both sides versus each other for 3 round, total is 9 games. Winning side will get 1 point and the final winner will depends on the points.

At the end of the 1st round, I am the last bowler and our score are very close. The fate of our team is on my hand, if i have any mistake, we will lose this point. I tried to relax and relieve the tensions and stresses, I rolled the ball off my hand, it was rolling forward nicely and it kicked all the pins' ass, STRIKE!!! I made it and we won the 1st round.

For and 2nd and 3rd round, I'm out of form and had a lot of mistakes. Luckily Yek Hong was steady enough and Li Ling is having improvements, we won 2nd round as well as 3rd round.

The result was 5 - 4 which means UTAR won. 3 out of 5 points was contributed by our team, I must say this is luck.

According to the DSA officer Mr Alvin, for four years, UTAR never won and this is the 1st time UTAR won in bowling, we had break the record. Furthermore, we were the pioneer Bowler of UTAR. Besides, the top scorer is from FES. *applause*

At last, for those who interested to watch badminton, basketball, volleyball and table tennis competition, it is on next Saturday (20/06/2009) at PJ campus PC block sport complex from 8.30am to 2.30pm. All the best to UTAR teams.

This is my team, 3 from FES and 1 from FAM

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